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Corvettes Conquer Cancer was founded in 1998 by Sandy Labaree.  Her husband Ben has continued the legacy since her passing in 2000 - please visit his site at  I joined the team in 2009 in honor of my wife Dee Jai, who passed away in 2004 of stomach cancer.

Our mission is to be a significant contributor in the fight to conquer cancer by traveling to Corvette-related events, raising awareness of cancer detection, prevention and treatment, and raising money for the American Cancer Society's programs of patient services, public education and research. 
Everyone reading this has a cancer related story to tell - be it one of loss and pain, one of ongoing struggle and hope, or one of triumph.  We're striving for more of the latter, and therefore I'll be appearing at Corvette and other car shows and track days throughout the year, raising money for the Cancer Society and hearing your stories if you'd share them.
Please browse the links at left to see more about what we're about and where we're going.  And, as always, donate to the American Cancer Society at